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Listed below are frequently asked questions concerning Housing Authority issues. This list will grow as questions are received from the community. If you have a question that is not listed in our faq list, please submit it in our contact us form.



Q       Is the public housing waiting list open?

A       Yes, public housing is accepting applications for all bedroom sizes with the exception of the 1- bedroom waiting list. At this time we do not have an extensive 1-bedroom inventory.

Q       What should I bring to apply for public housing?

A       Applicants are not required to bring documentation at the initial phase of applying for housing. At a future date, applicants will be notified of what documentation to provide.

Q       What is my status on the waiting list?

A       The anticipated wait is 6 months to a year, but could be longer depending on the number of applicants and vacancies.


Q       What is a maintenance emergency?

A       Anything that threatens the life or safety of the household. Examples include a fire in a residence, gas leak, electrical shortages etc…

Q       How can residents dispute maintenance charges?

A       Residents may submit a letter disputing the charge(s) to their housing manager. The housing manager will advise the maintenance department to investigate the issue and an answer will be provided within ten (10) business days.

Q       Is a work order needed to have an air conditioner filter changed?

A       No, air conditioning filters are changed quarterly.

Q       When are residents responsible for maintenance charges?

A       Residents are responsible for charges only if they caused the reported damage(s). Normal wear and tear items are not the resident’s responsibility.


Q       Is the section 8 waiting list open?

A       At this time the section 8 waiting list is closed. Notice will be provided when the waiting list opens for new applicants. At this time a date has not been determined.

Q       How do I give notice to my landlord that I want to move? (What should I say in my notice to the landlord?)

A       The notice should be dated, and include your name, address (including your unit number), and should give the proper amount of notice according to your lease. Usually a 30-60 day notice is required. The notice should be addressed directly to your landlord and a copy forwarded to your Section 8 Case Manager. The notice should be signed by you, the tenant.


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