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Network Neighborhoods Honor Roll Dinner

On July 6, 2012, the Daytona Neighborhood Networks Centers hosted its annual Honor Roll Dinner. Each coordinator makes note of the FCAT Math and Reading levels and the letter grades accomplished during the school year. Whenever a child’s appears on the Honor Roll, their name is placed on the roster to attend the dinner. In order to attend the dinner, each student is required to meet the Volusia County District’s Honor Roll criteria:

  1. An average of 3.0 or above quality points;
  2. No More than one C;
  3. No Letter grade of D, F, or I;Honor Roll1
  4. Subject area effort grades of 1, except that one grade may be a 2;
  5. All personal development grades of S.

The dinner is to congratulate youth for their academic achievement and stress the importance of doing well in school. Each child receives an award certificate and a cash award for their accomplishment.

This year, a chauffeur driven limousine picked up the youth at their public housing residence and drove them to the famous Martini’s Chophouse. At the dinner, the youth talked about some of their goals, career aspirations, how to have good study habits and some of the challenges they encounter to stay on the Honor Roll.


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