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Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

Meetings - Board of Commissioners
Jan 15, 2021


I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call

III. Invocation
IV. Recognition of Visitors

V. Approval of Minutes
A. Regular Board Meeting, December 18, 2020
(Commissioners Present: K.D, S.J, H.I By phone K.BC, I.J)

VI. Public Comments

VII. Approval of Agenda

VIII. Special Guest
A. Development Update - Holly Knight, BGC Advantage

IX. Old Business
A. Pilot Funds for construction of a single-family residence - Commissioner Ivey (Moved from Dec 2020 Agenda)
B. Affiliate Creation

X. New Business
A. Resolution 2021-11 Down Payment Assistance
B. Resolution 2021-12 Transfer of Lot 6 on Vernon street to the Daytona Beach Housing Development Corporation to build affordable housing.
C. Resolution 2021-13 Submission of Maley Designated Housing Plan
D. Covid-19 - Board Discussion
E. Rose and Mary McLeod Bethune Planning - Kara Lennard and Terril Bates
F. Newsletters Featuring Commissioners

XI. Information Items
A. Saxon Gilmore Contract (Moved from Dec 2020 Agenda)
B. Section 3 Training Update - Commissioners Jass and Brown-Crawford (Moved from Dec 2020 Agenda)
C. Capital Fund - Kara Lennard
D. Windsor/Maley Cedar Street Survey Meeting and Results
E. Covid-19 Update Letter to Staff


XII. Monthly Departmental Reports
A. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Report
B. Chief Operating Officer (COO) Report
C. Finance Report - Report Pending
D. Affordable Housing Reports - Special Presentation, Pasquel Judon
E. Housing Choice Voucher Report
F. Community Engagement and Partnerships Report
G. Development and Business Management Report

XIII. Public Comments
XIV. Staff Comments
XV. Commissioners Comments
XVI. Motion to Adjourn