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December 2019 Newsletter

The Vision Newsletter PDF December 2019

The Vision Cover Page Issue 2

Lage holiday bells with tis the season to be thankful and young people celebrating the holiday season with gifts food and drinks


'tis THE season TO BE Thankful

Thanksgiving at the

Neighborhood Network Career Center

Heart and Sole

Young people standing together for a photo as a young girl is receiving a door prize gift

Photo: Yurik Bethune, Jacolyn Lawhorn and Imani Watson

Door prizes for both our girl and boy participants at the NNC were given out during the "Funsgiving" Celebration. Jacolyn Lawhorn is one of our Heart and Sole Participants









Girls on the Run Coaches

Two mothers smiling while one mother is holding a little baby in her arms








Photo: Girls on the Run Coaches Tanya Garnett and Keshia Brown

Tanya Garnett and Keshia Brown are GOTR and H&S coaches at the NNC. These two volunteers are such a great support for the girls in the community and simply love to serve.


Tutoring Program

Male student smiling while receiving a door prize gift from a female staff member








Photo: Keilyn Davenport and Imani Watson

Keilyn Davenport is a participant of the NNC Afterschool tutoring program. Keilyn has been such a great support to other residents in the tutoring program.

The Vision Page 2

Financial Wellness

logo of the words Seacost Bank






Photo:Seacoast Bank Logo





 a tree blooming with a sun shining over the top with leaves and the words family self sufficiencyPhoto: FSS Logo



large letters that read wells fargo  Photo: Wells Fargo Logo

FSS HCV Service Coordinator, Rodrigo Guillén hosted a 4-week Financial Wellness Seminar for HCV Family Self Sufficiency Program participants.

These sessions were held on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. Volunteers from different banks and branches provided information on Income & Expenses, Managing Debt, Credit Reports & Scores, and Saving for Emergencies.

Special thanks to Iris Jones of Seacoast Bank and Julie Gonzalez and Christina Oltean of Wells Fargo Bank for their time and expertise.

A special Thanks to Caley Bouie who provided meals to the participants and presenters throughout the month of November.

people smiling standing next to each other holding their certificates for completing a financial literacy seriesPicture: Left to Right

Vaneshia Maddox, Priscilla Perdue, Madeline Mendez,Christina Oltean (Presenter), Trina Robinson, Caley Bouie (Caterer), RodrigoGuillén (FSS Coordinator), Ronqweeshia Daughtry, Willa Reavis.(Not pictured but also completed classes: Tatianna Allen, Kimberly Bryant, Latoria Kelly, Ashley Massey)


Resident Spotlight

Community Engagement and Support Provides Confidence to Our Families


mom and daughter standing against the wall smiling as the young daughter holds up her most recent test grade in the tutoring center Photo:Mrs.Jennifer and Amari Smith


According to Mrs. Jennifer Smith and her niece Amari Smith the last three months have been a turnaround for their household. Smith enrolled her niece into the Girls on the Run program and the tutoring program at the NNC and in just a few short months Amari has totally turned her grades around at school and has grown to love running. While supporting her niece in both academics and with her social interactions Smith decided that she would also begin working on something that she has wanted to for many years and that is in the area of literacy. Smith in a very short time has increased her comprehension skills and now is able to assist Amari with her school work. When you see these two in the community give them a big "Hi-Five" for their commitment and hard-work. WAY TO GO SMITH FAMILY!

The Vision Page 3


What was once a Frustration is now a Celebration

This month we would like to highlight one of our FSS HCV Participants. After a setback in her CNA career, this participant found herself without her CNA license due to background issues.Defeated and upset, she took a job working at a fast food restaurant to help make ends meet.  She has held this new position for a year and has escrowed $215.00 each month.  Although she has been escrowing money, her passion to help other's drove her to further investigate why a background issue from over 20 years ago was affecting her now, but never affected her when she was previously employed as a CNA.  

After being asked for more and more information about her background, in which she complied each time with sending documentation, this participant had grown weary in constantly having to follow up however with no resolve.  After working with the FSS Coordinator the participant changed her perspective and agreed to try "ONE MORE TIME". 

Meanwhile, while she was sitting in the FSS Coordinator's office she picked up the phone to call and check her status. To her surprise she found out that the caseworker that she was sending information to was no longer employed there and by the end of the call she had received verification that all of her documentation was complete.

After two months, the Florida Board of Health reissued her CNA license but wanted her to retake her CNA test. On Friday, November 22nd she PASSED her CNA test! Needless to say she is now adjusting her resume back to her passion and committed to getting back into the field of her dreams.The theme of sharing this story is to remind you to NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF TRYING ONE MORE TIME!


Young man stands against wall smiling with his younger sibilings smiling for photo under his arms Photo:William Castro & siblings

William Castro, Northwood II resident is taking steps toward building his future. Castro is currently registered to complete his Fiberglass Fabrication Certification in December through Daytona State College's Boot Camp after receiving a scholarship from CareerSource. Castro is taking this part of his journey seriously as he has two younger siblings looking up to him. Castro plans to obtain several certifications to build his job skills and experience in order to secure a  long term career.

ROSS grants logo



The Vision Page 4

Congratulations to the DBHA Girls on the Run Teams


Team of girls coaches and parents smiling posing standing in a large space with team shirts and running clothes on

Photo: DBHA Girls on the Run Club, DBHA Staff, and RIC Board Council 






group of teenage girls running with a volunteer adult to the finish line at the end of a race smiling and looking at each other

Photo: DBHA Girls on the Run And Staff


The Vision Page 5

Congratulations to the DBHA Girls on the Run Teams


Team medals hanging on a stand waiting for participants to finish the race Photo:Girls on the Run Medals


Young man holding signs and young girls standing smiling with her hand on her hip and a medal around her neck after completing a race Photo:Dakota Robinson and Yurik Bethune after finishing 1st place


Girl smiling after finishing a race with a medal around her neck looking away form the camera with coach standing in the background with a sign in his handPhoto:Brianna Christian, GOTR Participant and Yurik Bethune, Youth Services Coordinator


Young girl running to finish her race with a determined look on her face Photo:Aireonna Boyd Finishing strong


Two ladies walking and smiling looking toward the finishline Photo:Coaches Finishing the 5k



women and girls grouped together standing and smiling and hugging each other with medals around their necks after completing the race and one yougn girl is drinking chocolate milk Photo:Terril Bates, CEO celebrates with GOTR participants


yougn girls and one adult woman sprinting to the finishline at the end of a race smiling and happyPhoto:Particpants finishing the 5k


Young girl standing and smiling in front of a large blow up finishline with her head tilted and with both hands holding up two fingers Photo: Mikilah Bennett posing after the race

The Vision Page 6


To Our Board of Commissioners and CEO for providing a Thanksgiving Meal (with all the trimmings) for our "Fly Boyz", Afterschool Tutoring and Girls on the Run mentoring programs". It was delish!

Also a BIG thank you to our Director of Operations Tyronnda Bethune, Manager of Administration George Oliver, Human Resource Generalist Shirley Bottoms, ROSS Grant Coordinator Jacqueline Garcia and Resident Services Assistant Ocie Manning for volunteering your time to serve the participants.

large group of children smiling talking laughing posing and making signs with their hands under palm trees looking toward a camera

Photo:Kids of PPU after a day of Fun and Food







DBHA Thanks God's Table for Providing Lunch for Our Public Housing Resident Council Training

Saturday, NOVEMBER 23, 2019

a dove flying over the words Gods table with a bowl with smoke sitting on a large table


For volunteer information please contact Imani Watson at or call 386.238.4930