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March 2020 Newsletter

The Vision Newsletter PDF March 2020

The Vision Cover Page Issue 5

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The Vision



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The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach and BCG Advantage Meet with Residents

The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach has a mission to reach the following development goals as it looks to the future of continuing to provide affordable housing:

  • Address the on-going capital needs of our public housing properties given the decline of HUD Funding nationwide
  • Maximize development by accessing additional density where possible
  • Seek opportunities to create additional affordable housing units for persons making up to 80%of AMI
  • Deconcentrate poverty through the creation of mixed income communities and mixed use development
  • Promote and create home ownership opportunities
  • Serve as a catalyst for greater investment in the City of Daytona Beach
  • Facilitate job opportunities for local residents and business in the areas of construction and trade


The Vision Page 2

BCG Advantage three little houses in different sizesPhoto: BGC Advantage Logo


BGC Advantage partners with non-profit and for-profit entities to acquire, create, and rehabilitate affordable and market-rate housing communities. With the goal of stability and self-sufficiency, BGC Advantage specializes in transformative development where the finished product enhances not only the physical condition of its properties but also the long-term outlook for its residents.

  a large room of people sitting and standing clapping their hands as the CEO welcomes them

residents standing and sitting in chairs

"HACDB is committed to keeping residents informed and involved as we take steps to reposition our Public Housing Portfolio"room of residents sitting in chairs as the developer speaks to them about housing

CEO standing in front of the room with her hand raised and the other hand holding a handout that she is going over with a group of people sitting in chairs

The Vision Page 3

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Overall goals of the ROSS Program

For Families, the ROSS program is intended to enable participants to:

Make progress toward economic independence and housing self-sufficiency;

Reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance; and

Increase earned income.

For elderly (age 62+) participants and persons with disabilities, the ROSS program aims to:

Enhance the quality of life by connecting residents to services and activities;

Enable participants to age/remain in place; and

Avoid more costly forms of care, such as nursing homes or other institutional facilities.

Through needs assessments, case management, and referrals to community- and web-based services, ROSS Service Coordinators help each participant advance towards the above goals in ways that best fit their needs, personal priorities, and interests.

Jacqueline Garcia Smiling
Photo: Jacqueline Garcia

"I'm here to help you change your future."

-Jacqueline Garcia, Service Coordinator


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Congratulations DSC

Fresh Start Graduates

two women and one man standing holding certificates of completion in their hand from Daytona State College Fresh Start programPhoto: Fresh Start Graduates

Rochelle Brown, FSS Lear Davis, FSS & William Castro, ROSS









Valentine's Day

Windsor-Maley APARTMENTS

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The Vision Page 5


half page flyer for the 2020 census make sure you count







Get ready to complete your 2020 Census.

Cards will be mailed out starting March 12th


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Ms. Beatrice Gilbert

Beatrice Gilbert has been selected to represent the Housing Authority at the 2020 Parent Leader Network Summit May 13-15 in Portland, Oregon. This summit will connect Beatrice with other parents all over the nation that have powerful voices in their communities. Beatrice is a Resident Council leader for her community and will bring back skills, tools and resources that she can share with all public housing family sites. This opportunity was provided in partnership with The Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler & Volusia Counties, Inc.