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November 2019 Newsletter

The Vision Newsletter PDF November 2019

The Vision Cover Page Issue 1

DBHA Vision Cover Page whats in this issue and serving youth at the neighborhood network center recognizing resident success and computers made easy for senior residents

The latest news and updates from the Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach

In this Issue:

  • DBHA Resident Council News
  • Recognizing Resident Success
  • Computers Made Easy: Windsor and Maley Apartments
  • Serving Youth at the Neighborhood Network Career Centers

League of Women Voters of Volusia County complete Public Housing Resident Council Elections

DBHA supports and encourages its Local Resident Council's involvement in creating a positive living environment for residents. Over the last several months the League of Women Voters of Volusia County have acted as the independent third party to oversee the elections and recall procedures for five resident council boards. These boards included: Windsor Apartments, Maley Apartments, Palmetto Park Apartments, Caroline Village Apartments and Northwood/Walnut Oak Apartments. The initial process began August 7, 2019 with marketing/announcements to the communities and concluded with an induction ceremony on September 23, 2019 for the Windsor and Maley Communities and an induction ceremony for the Family Sites on November 7, 2019. We are extremely excited about the newly elected Resident Council officers and we look forward to their leadership within their communities.


Residents and League of Women Voters smiling as they pose for a group photo

Photo: Resident Council Officers, League of Women Voters and DBHA Staff

The Vision Page 2

Senior Residents smiling and holding up their test papers after making a 100%

Photo: Left to Right, Wanda Scott, Doreen Arnold, Cindy Courtney and Jody Williams

Computers Made Easy: Windsor and Maley Apartments

Computers Made Easy Class is offered to Seniors at the Maley and Windsor Apartments one time per week. This class is provided to help close the digital divide for DBHA residents. Participants in the class learn computer basics that will aid them in "Staying Connected" while learning skills that will help them in being more informed when making decisions.The class had it's first semester exam and four of the students scored a perfect score on the exam.

Persistence Pays Off:

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

FSS Coordinator Contact: Dorothy Maddox or 386.527.2333

Antreila Rush is doing a whole lot NEW lately. Rush is a NEW participant of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program with the Daytona Beach Housing Authority. Rush is a NEW graduate with her High School Diploma from Penn Foster and Rush is a NEW student with Florida Technical College where she is furthering her education as a Medical Assistant Tech. Meanwhile, hard-work is not new to this amazing single mom of three. Rush has a positive outlook on her future and we look forward to celebrating her future successes.

Antrella Rush smiling sitting a in a chair posing for a photo

Photo: Antreila Rush 

The FSS program is administered locally by PHAs in collaboration with the PCC. The PCC is

made up of an array of organizations and the composition may vary by PHA. Some of the most common PCC partners include:

 Workforce Investment Boards

 Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Providers

 City or County Government

 City or County Human Services/TANF Agency

 Community and/or 4-Year Colleges

The Vision Page 3

Young girls smiling and holding up their water bottles with Girls on the Run logo printed on them

Photo: Girls on the Run Participants at the NNC with their water bottles

Girls on the Run Logo

Photo: Girls of the Run 5k logo

GIRLS ON THE RUN OF VOLUSIA COUNTY 5K will take place Saturday, December 7, 2019 at ONE DAYTONA. All Running Buddies and Community Runners or Walkers will receive 5k shirts at the event with their online registration of $25 at If you are interested in being a running buddy for one our NNC GOTR girls please contact the center at 386.238.4930. The race proceeds help to support the program and provides scholarships for future participants.

Boys Leadership/Mentoring Program at Neighborhood Network Career Center: Monday & Wednesday 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Ages 8-12

The Neighborhood Network Career Center is officially launching it's Boys Leadership/Mentoring Program. The program is for boys age 8-12 and participants parent or guardian must sign them up to participate. The program will be led by volunteers and will take place twice per week. The program will focus on topics such as: Character Development, Attitude, Conflict Resolution, Social Media Consciousness and the Importance of Education.

For the Fall 2019 sessions, recent Alabama A&M graduate and former free agent defensive end, Yurik Bethune will volunteer with the center by leading group discussions.

Young Man standing tall with a football in his hand and a graduation cap onPhoto: Yurik Bethune graduation photo with football pose

Football player in full atlanta falcons uniform and helmet on running

Photo:Yurik Bethune in football uniform action shot


The Vision Page 4



man kneeling beside older lady in a wheelchair as he works on her wheelchairPhoto: Bernice Vaughn and DME Company employee

24/7 Medical, a DME Company from Daytona Beach area provided a meet and clean for wheelchairs and other mobility scooters at no cost to DBHA Elderly/Disabled residents. Services were coordinated through the ROSS Service Coordinator, Jacqueline Garcia

logo of colors with a tree and a the words resident opprotunities for self sufficiencyPhoto: ROSS logo

Jacqueline Garcia

1200 Ninth Street

Daytona Beach, Florida 32114


a tree blooming with a thin sun shape over it with leaves and the words Family Self SufficiencyPhoto: FSS Logo

Public Housing FSS Program

Dorothy Maddox

1200 Ninth Street

Daytona Beach, Florida 32114


HCV FSS Program

Rodrigo Guillén

211 N. Ridgewood Ave. Suite 300

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

386. 253.5653 ext. 345

DHBA daytona beach housing authority logo with water and large sun over the top of the water Photo: DBHA Logo


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead

Interested in volunteering? 386.238.4930