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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I update my mailing address and phone number?

Applicants for Affordable Housing or Housing Choice Voucher Program

If you are an applicant on the waitlist and would like to update your information, please send the updated information in writing to the housing authority. Please provide you full name, current address and contact number. Please also identify which program you applied to. This will allow the agency to find your information quickly.

You may provide the update via the following methods:

  • Email
  • Mail:
    211 N. Ridgewood Avenue, Suite 300
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114
  • Fax: 386-255-2136

Participants/ Residents for Affordable Housing or Housing Choice Voucher Program

Please provide updated information to your assigned HCV Specialist or Property Manager. They will update our computer system. Please provide you full name, current address and contact number.

If you need an accommodation from the housing authority to update your information, please contact us via phone at 386-253-5653 and request extension 306.

What is my status on the waiting list?

HACDB is purging its waitlist for the HCV and updating and purging its waitlist for the Affordable Housing program. The authority is pulling applicants for review for both programs. At HACDB, we also have local preferences that affect your status and when you could be pulled from the waitlist. We are able to verify that you are on our waitlist(s), but cannot provide a specific date/time period that you will be reviewed for eligibility determination.

Who is my HCV Case Manager or Property Manager?

In the Housing Choice Voucher Program, case managers are assigned caseloads alphabetically. Due to the current transition within the department, please contact the HCV Administrator to determine who is assigned to your file.

Any inquiries regarding Portability, Waitlist and the Admission process can be referred to the Housing Choice Supervisor.

In the Affordable Housing Program, please contact the property for questions/concerns regarding your unit. Ms. Dawn Anthony is the Property Manager for all elderly properties (Windsor & Maley). Ms. Julia Williams is responsible for all HACDB family public housing properties.

When will the waitlist open again for the voucher /affordable housing program(s)?

HCV Waitlist

  • The waitlist is currently closed for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Affordable Housing Waitlist

  • The waitlist is currently open for the Winsor community and is elderly only. All other site based waitlists are currently closed for the Affordable Housing program.

The housing authority will provide a public notice through local publications when the waitlist opens for each program.

Can you refer me to another agency for housing assistance?

The agency provides a listing of area subsidized housing agencies. It lists some housing authorities in the greater Volusia County area as well as HUD subsidized apartments.

Here is a list of housing authorities in Volusia County. (Listing of Area Subsidized Housing agencies, coming soon)

We do not refer to other housing agencies. 

What number am I on the wait list?

The housing authority pulls persons on the waitlist based upon preferences. Your number on the waitlist will not determine when you are pulled from the waitlist. The housing authority does not provide information as to your position on the waitlist.

I am an area landlord and I would like to assist families who are on your program. How should I proceed?

If you are interested in participating in our program as a Landlord, please contact the housing authority and we will provide a new Landlord packet. The Landlord packet provides all necessary documentation to register as a new owner.

From time to time, the housing authority will have a list of available units that our Landlords share with us. Please provide us via email your unit size, requested contract rent, security deposit and amenities and we will share your information with any HCV tenant that requests the information.

Landlords are also encouraged to list their properties on Go Section 8 and other websites for increased exposure to clients.

What are the current payment standards?

The Housing Authority of Daytona Beach Housing Choice Voucher Payment Standards (effective 10/2018)

  • Efficiency $770.00
  • One-Bedroom $955.00
  • Two-Bedroom $1,191.00
  • Three-Bedroom $1,458.00
  • Four-Bedroom $1,672.00
Are you absorbing?

No, HACDB is currently not absorbing port-ins. This may change at any time and we will notify you if we start to absorb our port-ins.

How can I make a complaint?

Complaints are taking seriously at the Housing Authority for the City of Daytona Beach. For complaints in regards to customer service or a staff member, please email us. HACDB will review each complaint internally and send them to the correct department for handling.

Information that you provide is confidential. We may reach out to the complainant to provide additional information. We will address the matter to the appropriate department and respond as promptly as possible.

How can Participants or Applicants obtain a current landlord listing?

Participants & Applicants that are searching for a unit are recommended to visit the website to review landlords that currently accept Housing Choice vouchers in our jurisdiction within Volusia County.  You may select a unit in Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater, Ponce Inlet and within the City of Daytona Beach.

How can I report fraud?

Please report fraud inquiries regarding any of our housing programs via email. Information that is helpful is a name, address and the type of issue that is involved.

What if I am a Participant or Resident at the authority, are there any programs to help me improve my life?

Yes. The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a program in the Affordable Housing and Housing Choice Voucher program that enables HUD-assisted families to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies by setting a case management plan to address your self-sufficiency goals. FSS is an employment and savings incentive program for low-income families that have a Housing Choice voucher. The authority employs two full-time employees to coordinate FSS services for the authority. If you are interested in the FSS program, contact your HCV Specialist or Property Manager and request a referral.

HACDB FSS Employees

  • Dorothy Maddox - FSS Affordable Housing
  • Rodrigo Gullen - FSS Housing Choice Voucher
Does your housing authority have a homeownership voucher program?

Yes, the Housing Choice Voucher program does have homeownership program that is applicable to anyone that currently has a housing choice voucher and has participated in the DBHA HCV program for at least one year. The homeownership option is used to assist a family residing in a home purchased and owned by one or more members of the family. HACDB HCV homeownership program is defined by HUD regulations. The family must meet all of the agency requirements before the commencement of homeownership assistance or down payment assistance.