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Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8

Is the Waiting List Open?

At this time, the HCV wait list is closed to new applicants. The waitlist closed in Febrary 2016. DBHA will provide public notice to announce the application period for the opening of the HCV waitlist.

What is the timeframe for scheduling an eligibility appointment?

The eligibility appointment is usually scheduled 10 days from the time the family was selected from the waiting list.

What is the timeframe for porting a family in/out?

Port-ins: For families that are porting in, after receiving the completed file from the initial Housing Authority; the file will be reviewed within 10-14 business days.

Port-outs: Files are sent out within 2 weeks of being prepared for the Portability transfer.
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What is the process for reporting changes to a family’s income and/or household? What is the timeframe for processing the request?

A family is required to report income and/or household changes in person within 10 days. The time frame to process changes in household income, composition, etc. is generally up to 30 days after all of the required documentation is received.

What is the criteria for requesting moving papers?

The eligibility requirements for receiving moving papers are:

  • You must not be in a current lease/or it must expire within 60 days of your request.
  • The Head of Household and all adults members must pass a current Criminal Background Check.
  • You must be in good standing with Program obligations. If you meet the criteria, contact  your assigned HCV Caseworker for more information on moving.