Public Housing Online Application

Preapplication Information

Please be advised that our housing developments include the following family communities, Caroline Village, Palmetto Park, Walnut Oak, Northwood Village; and two high-rise communities, Windsor Apartments and Maley Apartments.

Families interested in housing at the Villages at Halifax, Lakeside Village, and Pine Haven must apply at the actual site. The HACDB partnered with Picerne Development to manage the day-to-day operations at these communities. Please specify at time of application that you are interested in the public housing program. Section 8 is also accepted at these three (3) communities. For physical addresses, please return to the homepage.


The documents listed below are very important to the public housing program and application process. Please read each document in its’ entirety and print a copy for your records for future reference. Should you have any questions pertaining to any of the documents, please include them in the comment section of your on-line application or contact our office at 386-253-5653, ext. 331 or 317.

Please click on each link below to open and read each document. Check each box to acknowledge your reading and understanding of each document.

Reasonable Accommodations Policy



(Names of ALL persons who will reside in the apartment.)

 Male   Female



2 Name  

 Male   Female



 Male   Female



4 Name  
 Male   Female



5 Name

 Male   Female




 Male   Female



*There is an apparent misconception regarding housing, in that families do not pay expenses in the program. Please know there are expenses that families incur such as rent, utilities, deposits etc. In order to manage and maintain the affairs of your household, income is needed.


List all income sources of all household members. Some examples are: full or part-time employment (including overtime, tips, etc.), TANF, Social Security, SSI, unemployment, alimony, child support, cash contributions, etc.


1. Do you or any family member require a handicap accessible apartment? .
If yes, explain in the box below:

2. Are you 62 years of age or older, disabled or near elderly (age 50)?
If you answered yes, are you interested in an:

3.Do you or any household member own a home or real estate?
If yes, what is the market value? $

4. Do you currently reside in subsidized housing (public housing or section 8) anywhere in the United States? If yes, name of the Housing Authority?

5. Have you or any household member ever applied for or resided in housing with this agency (public housing or section 8)?

6. Have you ever been evicted or terminated from the public housing or section 8 program?

If yes, what year? What Housing Authority?

7. Do you owe a balance to any federally assisted program such as public housing or section 8?

If yes, what is the balance amount?

8. Is there a pet in the household?


Please check one:


HUD has ZERO TOLERANCE for FRAUD and is prosecuting families through the judicial system with the assistance of the OIG's (Office of Inspector General) Office. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR FAMILY. FAMILIES MUST REPORT ALL INCOME FOR ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS FROM ALL SOURCES.

I certify that the foregoing information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if my address or phone number changes, it is my responsibility to report these changes to the Housing Authority, and that all notices from the Authority will be sent to me by first-class mail to the mailing address listed on this application.