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Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

HACDB development goals:

  • Address the on-going capital needs of our public housing properties given the decline of HUD Funding nationwide.
  • Maximize development by accessing additional density that will allow the creation of additional affordable housing units for persons making up to 80% of AMI.
  • Deconcentrate poverty through the creation of mixed income communities and mixed use development.
  • Promote and create homeownership opportunities.
  • Serves as a catalyst for greater investment in the City of Daytona Beach.
  • Facilitate job opportunities for local residents and business in the areas of construction and trade.

Minority and Section 3 Contractor Outreach 2.10.2021

Northwood Resident Meeting 2_2021.pdf



Final Report DBHA Windsor-Maley 2.12.20.pdf

Final Report DBHA Palmetto Park 2.10.20.pdf

Caroline Village RAD Meeting Transcript_06.25.2020.pdf

Daytona Minority Contractor Section 3 2.10.2021jw final.pdf

DBHAFL_Northwood Village Resident Meeting 2_2021.pdf

Northwood Village RAD Meeting Transcript_06.25.2020.pdf

Northwood Village RAD Meeting Transcript_03.03.2021.pdf