Low Income Public Housing

Low Income Public Housing is affordable housing that is owned and operated by Housing Daytona Beach. Nearly 70% percent of households in public housing are families with children. All residents must have incomes that do not exceed 80% percent of the area median income at the time of admission, and at least 40% percent of new public housing residents each year must be extremely low-income, with incomes that do not exceed the higher of 30% percent of the area median income or the federal poverty level. Residents generally make contributions toward rent and utilities equal to 30% percent of their income, their welfare shelter allowance, or a minimum rent established by the public housing agency of up to $50 (whichever is greatest). Alternatively, residents may choose to pay a flat rent that does not vary with income. In order to receive housing assistance for these programs, the family must be income eligible. Income eligibility is defined in terms of area median income, adjusted for family size. • Extremely low income describes a family at or below 30% of area median income. • Very low income describes a family at or below 50% of area median income. • Low income describes a family at or below 80% of area median income. • Moderate income describes a family at or below 120% of area median income (at or below 100% of median income for federal programs).
Interested persons can ONLY apply for housing when a notice appears to the public to do so. At this time, ALL WAITING LIST ARE CLOSED.

ACOP 2022

For Fiscal Year 2018-19 Public Comment Period January 16, 2019 – February 16, 2019 Updates For The Public Housing & Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List are Ongoing. The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach is updating its Waiting Lists for both the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) and Affordable (Public) Housing Waiting Lists. On October 10, 2018, applicants will be mailed an Update Form to their address of record. To remain active on the waiting list, applicants are asked to indicate their continued interest in housing by returning the form to the housing authority by November 1, 2018. If the Update letter is returned due to incorrect address, expired mail forwarding or other address update issues, or the applicant fails to return the form by the deadline; their application will be withdrawn. Applicants that are withdrawn, will be required to reapply, by completing a new application at our website at www.dbhafl.org. If you are a person with special needs, and/or need assistance in the completion of the Update Form, please contact our office at 386-253-5653. Thank you.


For Residents:
Family Sites LIPH Employees   Email Phone
Sr. Property Manager Sherley Roman romans@dbhafl.org (386) 267-4860
Caroline Village – Assistant Property Manager Justice Mauldin mauldinj@dbhafl.org (386) 777-1970
Palmetto Park/Caroline Village – Property Manager Yvonne Gonzalez gonzalezy@dbhafl.org (386) 888-0675
Palmetto Park – Assistant Property Manager Lupita Penaloza penalozal@dbhafl.org (386) 777-1970
Northwood Villages & Walnut Oak – Assistant Property Manager Ivana Columbus columbusi@dbhafl.org (386) 226-0268
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