Resident Services

Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)

What is the ROSS program and what is its purpose?

The ROSS program links residents of public housing to supportive services and activities, enabling them to make progress towards economic independence and housing self-sufficiency. Grantees can identify additional goals based on the needs of the public communities they serve. Referrals to services will depend on client needs and goals.

What are the overall goals of the ROSS program?

For families, the ROSS program is intended to enable participants to:

  • Make progress toward economic independence and housing self-sufficiency;
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance; and
  • Increase earned income.

For elderly (age 62+) participants and persons with disabilities, the ROSS program aims to:

  • Enhance quality of life by connecting residents to services and activities;
  • Enable participants to age/remain in place; and
  • Avoid more costly forms of care, such as nursing homes or other institutional facilities.

Through needs assessments, case management, and referrals to community- and web-based services, ROSS Service Coordinators help each participant advance towards the above goals in ways that best fit their needs, personal priorities, and interests. The needs assessment serves as a starting point from which the ROSS Coordinator and client can together develop a comprehensive Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP). The ITSP will include goals to guide the client’s participation in the ROSS program over time and identify the service providers needed to help the client achieve those goals. 

Core services 

  • Child Care Services 
  • Adult Education 
  • Diploma/GED Programs 
  • Job Training 
  • Credit Counseling/Financial Literacy 
  • Healthcare Coordination 
  • Elderly Activates 
  • Job Placement
  •  Homeownership Counseling


Referrals are at the core of the ROSS Service Coordinator program. A strong cohort of partners who can meet residents’ needs is key to running a successful program. Building a network of programs and service providers that advocate for and support one another. 


The ROSS Program is looking to connect with Local Businesses to promote and motivate residents of public housing to make progress toward economic independence and self-sufficiency. You can help by providing a critical link between program participants and local resources that can assist them and available resources in the community to meet those needs.



For more information about this program contact the ROSS Coordinator (386) 226-0250.

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