Doing Business/Procurement

Doing Business/Procurement

The Daytona Beach Housing Authority’s Procurement Department is the central purchasing and material management department of DBHA. It implements procurement guidelines, solicits bids, initiates requests for proposals, issues purchase orders, and establishes contracts for construction, maintenance, consultant and professional services, and the purchase of goods and services, in accordance with DBHA and HUD policies.

DBHA works with suppliers/vendors that can deliver the highest quality of goods and services at the best value to DBHA.

It is DBHA’s policy and practice to see diverse and qualified suppliers/vendors, regardless of social or economic classification, and provide them with the maximum opportunity to do business with our agency. DBHA adheres to HUD’s Section 3 requirements. Our goal is the procurement of quality goods and services in a fair, open, competitive and respectful process for everyone involved.

General Vendor Information
Vendors who wish to be added to the DBHA Vendor’s List should complete the Vendor Registration Form. Be sure to include a complete list of services for which your company wants to be considered. Prospective vendors must provide the following documents at the time of contract negotiation or issuance of a task order:

  • Business License
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Federal ID Number (W-9)
  • Required Licenses and Certifications       

All suppliers/vendors interested in doing business with DBHA must comply with all Florida state and federal immigration laws.

Section 3
DBHA is required to administer Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968, which requires that HUD funds provide low-income individuals with a springboard for economic empowerment through direct participation in construction and other activities designed to physically improve and revitalize the communities in which they live.

HUD considers public housing authorities to be in compliance with Section 3 if they meet the following minimum numerical goals:

  1. 30% of the aggregate number of new hires be Section 3 residents;
  2. 10% of the total dollar amount of all covered construction contracts be awarded to Section 3 business concerns; and
  3. 3% of the total dollar amount of all covered non-construction contracts be awarded to Section 3 business concerns.

Section 3 requirements apply to all contractors and vendors who receive awards from public housing authorities.

Click Here for Section 3 FAQ’s

Doing Business:
To be added to our vendor listing, please utilize the following link.
Vendor Registration/Profile Information. (Updated Information Coming Soon)

Click to email procurement to receive a copy of the Official RFQ Packet.

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